Advanced Dental Technology

Benefits of Advanced Dental Technology in Dallas

woman sets a workpiece in a dental milling machine for the manufacture of a dental crown

Looking for a more comfortable and efficient dental experience? Advanced dental technology is revolutionizing the way dentists diagnose and treat oral health concerns. Here at Hampton Dental, we’re proud to utilize these innovative tools to provide you with the best possible care.

CEREC: Same-Day Crowns & Restorations

CEREC stands for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics. This computer-aided system allows us to create and place high-quality crowns, inlays, onlays, and veneers in just one visit.  Say goodbye to messy impressions and uncomfortable temporary restorations! CEREC utilizes digital scans of your teeth to design and mill your custom restoration right in our office, saving you valuable time and enhancing your comfort.

Digital X-Rays: Lower Radiation, Higher Quality

Digital X-rays are a significant upgrade over traditional film X-rays. They use digital sensors to capture detailed images of your teeth and jawbone, requiring significantly less radiation exposure.  The digital format also allows for clearer and more easily manipulated images, enabling us to diagnose dental issues with greater accuracy. This translates to earlier detection of cavities, gum disease, and other dental problems, allowing for more effective treatment.

Cone Beam CT Scanning/3-D Imaging: Unmatched Precision

Cone beam CT scanning, also known as 3D imaging, provides a revolutionary view of your dental anatomy. This advanced technology captures detailed images of your teeth, jawbone, nerves, and sinuses from multiple angles.  3D imaging allows us to create a precise digital model of your mouth, offering unparalleled insights for treatment planning.  Whether you’re considering braces, dental implants, root canals, or even complex oral surgery, cone beam CT scanning empowers us to plan procedures with unmatched accuracy, leading to better outcomes and faster recovery times.

Nomad Pro Handheld X-Rays: Comfort for All Patients

Nomad Pro handheld X-rays are a game-changer for patients who experience anxiety during traditional X-rays.  These compact and portable units allow us to take clear X-ray images right next to the dental chair, eliminating the need for you to be left alone in a separate room.  This can significantly reduce anxiety, especially for children or patients with claustrophobia.

Panoramic X-Rays: Unveiling the Big Picture

Panoramic X-rays provide a comprehensive view of your entire mouth and jaw structure in a single image.  By rotating around your head in a semicircle, panoramic X-rays capture your teeth, jawbone, sinuses, and nasal cavity.  This broad view is invaluable for diagnosing complex dental issues, such as impacted wisdom teeth, jawbone irregularities, and potential tumor development.

Diagnodent: Early Cavity Detection

Diagnodent is a cutting-edge laser cavity detection system. It utilizes low-power lasers to identify cavities at their earliest stages, even when they are undetectable with the naked eye. Early detection allows for minimally invasive treatment, preventing the need for more complex procedures down the line.

Diode Laser Dentistry: Minimally Invasive Procedures

Diode lasers are a type of surgical laser used to precisely cut and remove soft tissue in your mouth, such as during gum surgery or frenectomies (removal of tissue connecting your tongue or lips to your gums).  Diode lasers offer numerous advantages over traditional scalpels. They lead to less bleeding, faster healing times, and reduced discomfort during and after procedures.

Intra-Oral Cameras: Seeing is Believing

Intra-oral cameras are tiny, pen-shaped devices equipped with high-resolution cameras. They allow us to capture magnified video images of your teeth and gums, which are displayed on a monitor for you to see alongside us.  This visual aid enhances communication and empowers you to be a more informed participant in your dental care. You’ll be able to see exactly what we see, allowing for a clearer understanding of your dental health and the treatment options available.

Experience the Difference Advanced Dental Technology Makes

At Hampton Dental, we are committed to providing you with the most advanced and comfortable dental care possible.  Our investment in cutting-edge technology allows us to diagnose and treat your dental needs more effectively and efficiently.  Schedule an appointment today to experience the difference advanced dental technology can make in your dental care journey!
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